3 Ways to Get Involved with The Remnant

Anybody at Northwestern can take Radio Workshop to get involved with The Remnant, but we understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be required to for their major. If you don’t have time to actually join The Remnant staff or you are simply a faithful listener wanting to get involved, here are 3 ways you can do just that!

Follow us on social media!

We post live videos, upcoming events, and even some giveaways on our social media sites!

www.facebook.com/remnantfm and for the Nerd FM show: www.facebook.com/remnantnerds

Attend our events!

Our events aren’t just for Northwestern students, everyone is invited! We have hosted dance parties, a charity game night, concerts, and more! Plus, we like having guests on our radio shows. If you have a cool story to tell, message us on Facebook and we will be in contact!

Give us feedback!

We love hearing from you! Where are you listening from? What’s your favorite show? What music do you want to hear? Let us know by commenting on our social media posts, sending us a message, or even calling in!

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