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Whether you’re looking for a show that discusses the latest news in sports, or maybe the most recent video games- or maybe you need a show to help you wake up in the morning or stay up late at night- we’ve got it for you here on the Remnant.

ChatterChatterbox Sports Talkbox Sports Talk

An entertaining and informative show that focuses on local and Northwestern sports with expert analysis from the people who broadcast all of the University’s games. The guys on Chatterbox discuss anything and everything about the Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves, Twins, and University of Northwestern’s Eagles bringing you exclusive interviews and reports. Join Josh Kolojeski, Daniel Appel, Luke Larson, (and sometimes Mark Myers… also sometimes Cole Skoog) Mondays and Thursdays from 4 – 6 pm!

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Double OvertimeDouble Overtime With Dave and Marty

Double Overtime is a sports talk show that offers in-depth discussions about professional and collegiate sports while also featuring a bit of humor. Dave and Marty love to keep listeners updated on sporting events, discuss serious sports issues, and have fun! Join the guys Thursdays from 8 – 9 pm.

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Local Juke Joint

The Local Juke Joint is a show on The Remnant. It airs Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12-2pm. Hosted by one of The Remnant’s music directors Philo T Farnsworth, The Local Juke Joint focuses on local music.

Philo T Farnsworth, along with being the host and producer of the now defunct Morning Caffeine Boost, is a curator for all the music that is played for the The Remnant. He loves music and has a soft spot for the music being made in one of the country’s greatest music scenes.

A note from Philo, “I don’t actually know what I am doing.” Enjoy.

The Monday Matinee

Mark Myers and Tristan Hayes love movies, and if you do too then this is the show for you! The guys review a different movie each week, choosing from new releases, classics, and personal favorites. Along with their review they bring you the latest movie news, events, and controversies every Monday from 9:30 – 10:30 pm!

Nerd FMNerd FM

It’s kinda like Five Guys without the burgers. Just five guys in a room talking about games, movies, and tech. Even if you’re antisocial, come socialize with us! We promise we’ll only judge you as much as we judge each other. Join Logan Roush, Michael Hutchens, David Kalsow, and Robby Bakken every Monday from 6 – 8 pm! P.S. Robby Bakken sucks.

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Radio Recess

The best study break for your Thursday afternoon! Full of energy, spunk, and crazy ideas, Radio Recess is for those who are bored, sick of homework, or just want to be a part of some good fun. With two different subjects each week, you’ll never want to miss a show! Tune in to join Rachel Dougan and Sierra Rose every Thursday 3-4 pm.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert a show where hosts Tom Abel, Jordan Pohl, and Brooke Knutson share the endings of your favorite shows. Just kidding! Spoiler Alert is a show about something you actually care about – entertainment. Whether it’s TV shows, movies, or any news on what’s going on in Hollywood, you can be sure we talk about it. So join us every Tuesday night 8-9 pm here on The Remnant.

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