Executive Staff 2016-2017

Michael Hutchens – General Manager/Big Mike 

I am Michael Hutchens, the General Manager here at The Remnant.  I also co-host on The Morning Caffeine Boost and Nerd FM, and am producer for the XROSSOver show.  I am a Recording Arts major here at the University of Northwestern.  My goal here as General Manager is to boost the station to a higher level of awareness, both on campus and in the eye of the general public.  I am very excited to bring content enjoyed and chosen by all listeners, as well as many more live events on campus.

Sierra Rose – Program Director

Heya! I’m Sierra Rose, the Program Director. My major is Radio Production, and on The Remnant, I co-host the show Radio Recess. I tend to enjoy just being outside (no matter the reason), reading, music, and apparently doing homework, because I do that ALL the time.  I am very happy this year to work behind the scenes with coordinating shows and fixing up the website and such, and to also work with the rest of the Exec Staff on making the station amazing.

Logan Roush – Productions Director

Hey! I’m Logan Roush! I’m a Radio Media Productions major, and I run the productions department. I host two shows on air, Nerd FM and The Morning Caffeine Boost. I’ve got too much energy for my own good, and too many Pokemon to count. I create and air advertisements, promos, and all those other “non-music” segments you hear. My goal this year is to get as much free stuff as possible. I mean make the station as great as possible.

Joe Keyport – Music Director

I’m Joe Keyport. I happen to be one of the two music directors for The Remnant. I am a sorta senior, Recording arts student. Along with managing the music library, I host the The Morning Caffeine Boost. Like a good dictatorship, I control what you listen to and when you listen to it.

Rachel Dougan – Music Director

I’m Rachel Dougan, Co-Music Director of the Remnant. I’m a Media Production major with Radio Broadcasting as my emphasis. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to listen to, choose, and put music onto the Remnant this year! If you have any music suggestions for us, email me at rcdougan@students.unwsp.edu.

David Pederson – Sports Director

Alec Schafer News Director

Hey, my name is Alec and I’m the News Director here at the Remnant. I’m a junior here in the Radio Production program and I’m hoping to work at MPR when I grow up. I’m in charge of making a weekly 5-minute newscast called “The Remnant Reports”, a program that seeks to inform the students here at Northwestern about news that matters.

In my spare time I like to play video games, listen to music, read and ride bicycles. I wish I could have a puppy but my apartment lease doesn’t allow it.

Carter RognessMarketing Director

Howdy! I’m Carter Rogness. I’m a third year Communication Studies major and I’m in charge of marketing and promotion on The Remnant. I appear in a few shows from time to time, including Nerd FM and The Morning Caffeine Boost. I enjoy writing stories, disc golf, riding my bike, and fishing on our local lake. I enjoy working behinds the scenes to help keep the station running with fun promotion events and marketing ideas. I’m open to ideas, and always like to talk!

YuYu Ying – Tech Director

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