Andrew Peterson Celebrates Easter! New Album!


Ten years have passed since Andrew Peterson was inspired to write and record a complete album about the effects of the resurrection of Christ. Resurrection Letters was the chosen title, but Peterson also felt compelled to add the words Volume Two(buy) at the time, knowing that one day he would go back and, God willing, write another complete album on the actual events of Easter weekend.

A full decade later, Volume One (buy) is set to hit shelves, and its every bit the musical gift you’d expect from an artist as talented and substantive as Peterson. On the eve of its release, we sat down to chat with Peterson about how the beauty of Easter was implanted on him as a kid and how he hopes to do the same for his three children. – Matt Conner

Matt Conner’s terrific interview is clickable below.

Andrew Peterson – A declaration of light

Check out the powerful video,  “Is He Worthy” from the youtube link

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