Local, Small Batch, and Artisanal: New Music You Need To Checkout

Summer is well underway, and people are looking for music to fill out their summer bangerz playlist. Four local bands, and friends of The Remnant, released or are releasing music this summer that you need checkout. The Remnant loves to support local music, and the four bands featured here are played on the station that can broadcast as far as we can throw you.

CURETON- Spring In The Attic

Spring In The Attic is the second official release from the pop punk duo; however, it is the first full length album from the band. That is, if you don’t count their experimental Star Wars concept album Mui Mui Senator.

This new release shows a definite growth in Cureton’s songwriting and production. Their debut EP A Party That Never Ends With A Host That Never Dies was a collection of lo-fi songs that gave the listener a feeling that Cureton does not take themselves seriously.

Spring In The Attic has all the attitude that their debut EP has. The song, “Stay Home” has the lyric, “don’t give us attention.” “Stay Home” and the song “Cubical Cowboy” have all the campiness of their debut EP but with a definite sonic improvement. Joel and Caleb have the ability to mix serious topics, filter it through some teenage angst, and get a product that is something all their own.

Check out Cureton on Facebook and buy their music on Bandcamp and Itunes.

Cureton’s Facebook

Cureton’s Bandcamp

Songs played on The Remnant: Ursa Minor, Religion Makes Great Theater, and Cubical Cowboy


Driftwood Resonance is David Kalsow’s folk project. His musical debut Loading… is the perfect folky EP. At only four songs, this EP does not over stay its welcome. Loading… features what can only be described a Christian drinking song about the Prodigal Son. If that statement has peaked your interest, check out the closing song on Loading… titled “How Could”.

David Kalsow’s songwriting on this EP is very much story driven. Each song paints a clear picture of adventures with friends, love, and childhood memories. The songs on Loading… will easily evoke feelings that anyone can relate to.

David draws from his Ed Sheeran influence to put you in the middle of each story that he crafts. David also shows off his sound design abilities with the bonus track at the end of “How Could”. “Feast of The Prodigal” is a hidden track on the EP. It opens with what sounds like a person walking out of a cold, windy night into a feast. The song can only be described as a drinking song. It has cups being banged on tables and a crowd chanting responses to David Kalsow’s singing.

Check out Driftwood Resonance on Facebook and buy his music on Bandcamp.

Driftwood Resonance’s Facebook

Driftwood Resonance’s Bandcamp

Songs played on The Remnant: Paper Castles, How Could, Wisconsin Winters

Yoyobob- Once While Society Was Sleeping

Yoyobob will be releasing his third album, Once While Society Was Sleeping, on July 17th. The new album marks a shift in Yoyobob’s music. Yoyobob’s previous two releases were mainly instrumental electronic music. The album he released late last year sounded like it would go well in an old NES video game.

Once While Society Was Sleeping, brings in a dance vibe to his songs. This album also features more songs with lyrics than just instrumental tracks. The track, “Clouds Will Clear” features rapped verses. Other tracks on the album have Yoyobob singing and speaking poetry.

Check out Yoyobob on Facebook and buy his music on Bandcamp and Itunes.

Yoyobob’s Facebook

Yoyobob’s Bandcamp

Songs played on The Remnant: Clouds Will Clear

ALLEGIANT- Red and Green EPs

Allegiant is planning on making their musical debut with two EPs instead of one full length album. The band’s style and influence has changed and morphed since their beginning. Allegiant’s early sound was straight ahead pop punk. The Green EP with feature four of the bands early songs.

With the progression in songwriting and the growth Allegiant’s primary songwriter Jordan Pohl has gone through, the Red EP will feature songs with a hard rock and heavy metal influence.

The Red and Green EPs will be full of guest musicians. Driftwood Resonance, Joel Drzycimski of Cureton, and Yoyobob all make an appearance on the EPs. Joel makes an appearance on “Evergreen” and David Kalsow of Driftwood Resonance is on “Not Done Yet”. For the song “Allegiance” Yoyobob provided an electronic instrumental that Jordan Pohl put a vocal track too.

The release date for the EPs are unknown at this time.


After talking with Jordan, I learned that the Red and Green EP’s won’t be released until winter/spring time. Stay tuned to The Remnant or Local Juke Joint for updates.

Check out Allegiant on Facebook

Allegiant’s Facebook

Songs played on The Remnant: Evergreen, Skeletons, Never Break Me

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