Nerding for a Cause

The fan-favorite live show Nerd FM is hosting the first Nerd FM Charity Game Night! Next month on February 17 at 6:00 in the Roberston Student Center, nerds and not-nerds (what do you call a person who isn’t a nerd?) will be coming together for games and a good cause!

So how does this work? The good cause is the Avenues for Homeless Youth located here in Minneapolis. The game of the night will be Super Smash Bros, played tournament style! You pay $5 to play in the tournament (that also gets you a free raffle ticket!). There are 2 brackets: The true nerds (basically pros) and their girlfriends (not really…just anyone else who isn’t brave enough to play pro). The winner gets a trophy, a really cool one, and a monetary prize that is TBD.

If you don’t like Super Smash Bros, you are still invited to come and bring a board game to play with friends! Raffle tickets are just $2, and I can promise the prizes are good because I have insider information 😉

100% of proceeds will go to the charity. Don’t be afraid of hanging out with nerds if you aren’t a nerd (ladies, I’m talking to you). Grab some friends and have a good time 🙂


INFO: February 17 at 6:00 in the Stud at UNW, non-Northwestern students are welcome, even Bethel!

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