New Indie Pop Artist: Kellie Besch

The Remnant’s newest artist, Kellie Besch, is a Minnesota native with a passion for music and a style of her own.

Besch was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, but moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue music at Belmont University. She releases her debut album, Fierce Landscapes, today.

Besch produced the album with friends, giving her a lot of freedom to play around with the music. “I am doing this all really independently; that gives [the music] its own flavor,” Besch said. “We could just be like ‘oh, what happens if we put this synthesizer on this song?’ Or ‘what happens if we make the guitar sound like this?’”

Each song has a story and was written out of life experience. Besch’s music is easy to relate to and introduces compelling lyrics and music with the twist of her specific, independent style.

“Are You Willing” is a song of trust and breaking down walls. Besch said this song is one of her favorites and just “fell into place” in the writing and producing process. “I was writing it to myself in a way,” She said. “I needed to realize that I can trust people – the people around me really care about me, so it’s okay to take a risk.”

“By Name” is a worship song, with lyrics taken out of Isaiah 40. Besch said, “The theme of it is someone who is worried, or kind of just feeling lost…the Lord comes in and says ‘hey, don’t you know that I’m the King of the world and that I’ve got you and you can trust me?’” She said that through rough patches of her own life, this song has been an encouragement to listen back to and remember these truths that she wrote into it from the Bible.

“Gold” was inspired by a trip to Toronto where Besch witnessed a large prostitution network. “All of the women who are trapped in this industry – and the human trafficking industry – have more worth than anybody realizes,” Besch said. “It’s just not their true value.” She said it was an experience that impacted her, and it carries a larger message, which inspired this song.

The Remnant is excited to be adding all three of these songs. Make sure to tune in and give them a listen!

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