Top Songs on 98.5 HD4 The Mel 2/1/21!

Here are the top songs for the week on 98.5 HD4 the MEL!

1Royce LovettGood Morning
2Thad CockrellSwingin’
3Wake LowGreen Light
4Stars Go DimI Look to You
5KBLet It Reign
6Aklesso/GAWVIWorst Year
7Social Club MisfitsIs That Okay?
9Justice Skolnik/Sarah ReevesWildside Chill Mix (w/ Sarah Reeves)
10JosephNYE (Violents Remix)
11Sarah ReevesParadise
13NEEDTOBREATHEWho Am I (with Elle King)
14Spencer KaneConfidence
15LecraeDrown (with John Legend)
17Devon GilfillianThe Good Life
18Eric PetersHa! Ha! To The Old Year (2020 Remix)
19Colony HouseWhere I’m From
20ZaunteeI’m Sorry
21DC TalkJesus Freak (Owl City Remix)
22116Celebrate More
23Sarah ReevesDance To It
24Sal LyLike You
25LecraeWhere We Come From
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