98.5 Hours of Christmas Cheer

The Remnant has a few holiday traditions, but without a doubt, 98.5 Hours of Christmas is at the top of the list. With non-stop live shows, Christmas music, ridiculous stunts, and a serious lack of sleep, this event brings the joy and whimsy of the holiday spirit to life!

This year our staff has plenty of fun events planned, which you will be able to listen to on air and watch live on Facebook!

Have you ever covered your hand in peanut butter and had to high five a friend whenever a word was said?

Have you ever leap frogged a stranger?

Have you ever had to walk a significant distance backwards?

Have you ever caught someone with a gummy worm on the end of a fishing pole?

Have you ever played street hockey?

…and 98 more hilarious and slightly humiliating moments all for the sake of radio.

So join us starting Friday December 1 at 1:00 pm for the beginning of 98.5 hours of fun, friendship, and surprisingly good radio from a bunch of college students hoping to bring you some holiday joy!

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