What is the Remnant?

In a culture where it’s hard to find a break in the noise, The Remnant is here. We exist to bring you music worth listening to, topics worth talking about, and a faith worth living out. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Our aim is to provide quality entertainment that connects to your day to day life through intentional pursuit of Jesus. And regardless of how hard we try, The Remnant will never be perfect. But that’s why we rely on the One who is.

We are: Real Music | Absolute Truth | The Remnant.

The Staff

The Remnant is largely run by students in the Electronic Media Communication program at University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Under the guidance of UNW faculty members, these students program the station, produce shows, plan events, keep the equipment running, and do many of the other tasks involved in keeping a radio station on air. Students in the university’s Radio Workshop create and host their own shows and are also assigned to a department to contribute to everything that happens off-air at The Remnant. Students can apply for positions on the executive staff and take on more responsibility in running the station. Due to the nature of university life, the executive staff changes frequently as students graduate and new students come in.

Executive Staff 2016-2017

Michael HutchensGeneral Manager

Sierra RoseProgram Director

Logan RoushProductions Director

Joe KeyportMusic Director

Rachel DouganMusic Director

Daniel AppelSports Director

Alec Schafer News Director

Carter RognessMarketing Director

YuYu Ying – Tech Director

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