Executive Staff 2017-2018

Logan Roush – General Manager

Born in Osceola, Wisconsin, I’m a border child, and may as well have grown up in the Twin Cities. I’ve been in the Remnant for four years, and if you vote for me, I’ll do another four! All jokes aside, I plan to make a lot of jokes, and bring the station into a more recognized state.

Sierra Rose – Program Director

Heya! I’m Sierra Rose, the Program Director. My major is Radio Production, and on The Remnant, I co-host the show Radio Recess. I tend to enjoy just being outside (no matter the reason), reading, music, and apparently doing homework, because I do that ALL the time.  I am very happy this year to work behind the scenes with coordinating shows and fixing up the website and such, and to also work with the rest of the Exec Staff on making the station amazing.

Dave Kalsow – Productions Director

Salutations fair listener. I, Dave Kalsow, am the productions director for the year. This means that I get to lead a team of small goats to produce new promotion and comedic bits for those few moments we have between songs. Other than that, I like long walks on the beach, good books by the fire, and I’m great with children. If you’re interested, swipe right. Just kidding, I’m getting married in October to a beautiful woman and we love to watch Food Network and work out together.

Joe Keyport – Music Director

I am the one known as Joe Keyport. I happen to be the music director for The Remnant. I am a sorta senior, Radio Broadcasting student. Along with managing the music library, I host the show Local Juke Joint. Digging into music is something I absolutely love to do. Like a good dictatorship, I control what you listen to and when you listen to it.

David Pederson – Sports Director

Die hard Minnesota Vikings, Timberwolves and Twins fan. I have never seen any of these teams win a championship but I believe it will happen someday (but probably not). I am a basketball coach for the UNW Men’s basketball team and for Crossfire AAU basketball. I control all live broadcasts for UNW sporting events and run Double Overtime (by far the best and most popular sports show in the history of the station).

Alec Schafer News Director

Hey, my name is Alec and I’m the News Director here at the Remnant. I’m a senior radio broadcasting student and I’m hoping to work at MPR when I grow up.

The news department is all about what’s going on on campus, around the cities and around the world. We try to bring a wide range of content to the Remnant, from sports stories, to human interest stories, to hard news investigation. Whatever you’re interested in hearing, we’ll try to make it happen.

In my spare time I like to play video games, listen to music, read and ride my bicycle.

Michael Hutchens – Operations Director

Carter RognessMarketing Director

I’m an Iowan, I’m a Minnesotan, I’m a Midwesterner. I can throw a baseball into Iowa from my Minnesota home. That’s pretty cool I guess. Can I still throw a baseball?…. Regardless, I’m the Marketing Director for the year. My ability to throw a baseball does not measure my effectiveness as a Marketing Director. My proximity to Iowa might though, I’m going to have to check on that. Fourth year Senior, hoping to graduate… eventually. Happy to serve, we’re all a bunch of maniacs.

Lindsay Floyd Social Media Director

I’m always dreaming of Disney World. I have convinced my fiancé (Dave, as seen above) that I am a real life princess. I’m a Packer fan living in enemy territory. Oh, and in my spare time you can find me out fishing or cooking up some delicious healthy food!

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