Executive Staff 2018-2019

The Remnant is largely run by students in the Media Production program at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Under the guidance of UNW faculty members, these students program the station, produce shows, plan events, keep the equipment running, and do many of the other tasks involved in keeping a radio station on air. Students in the university’s Radio Workshop create and host their own shows and are also assigned to a department to contribute to everything that happens off-air at The Remnant. Students can apply for positions on the executive staff and take on more responsibility in running the station. Due to the nature of university life, the executive staff changes frequently as students graduate and new students come in.

Sierra Green General Manager and Program Director

Hello! GM here. I’m a senior Radio major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. As the GM, I know about everything crazy that happens at The Remnant, and half the time, I’m in charge of it. As Program Director, I keep the shows and the station organized and running well. Some might say that the better half of my position is the side that keeps the station running smoothly. But crazy is still good fuel for The Remnant, right?

Michael Chermak – Productions Director

I’m Michael Chermak, head of productions here at The Remnant. I’m a sophomore at Northwestern studying broadcasting. I am also a Ministry Partner for Make War Hall. I like working on my truck and taking long walks on the beach.

Kayley Field – Music Director

Hey! My name is Kayley and I’m a Recording Arts student here at Northwestern. As a Recording Arts student, I aspire to have a career doing business in the music industry. I am excited to have the position of Music Director here on the Remnant and to have the job of researching, adding, and scheduling music that keeps the station sounding amazing.

Wes Muilenburg News Director

Wes is a senior Multimedia Journalism major at Northwestern. He likes cats, theatre, and podcasts. In his free time, he writes for and edits Ear Coffee, a music blog focused on the Twin Cities. You can hear him doing news updates on The Remnant every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Nice.

Caleb Sowers – Co-Sports Director

I’m Caleb, a senior Media Productions major with Sports Communication and Bible minors. I’m from Sioux City, IA, and I am one of the Co-Sports Directors for the Remnant. I have a sports talk show on Wednesdays called Chatterbox Sports talk. I also broadcast most of the Northwestern sporting events both home and away. I have a production internship at KTIS this semester that I hope to continue in the spring as well. My goal is to one day work for ESPN Radio as a play-by-play broadcaster.

Ryan Mitchell – Co-Sports Director

I’m Ryan, a Multimedia Journalism major. I (along with Caleb) help to delegate responsibilities to the members of department, announce and teach other members how to do play by play and color commentary for UNW Athletic events, and coordinate with other schools’ athletic departments to set up road broadcasts. Fun fact about me –  I write for the Examiner and am a reporter/anchor on Eagle 7 News in addition to my responsibilities with The Remnant.

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