Mad Haven by Canon Album Review

Mad Haven


Canon hit the web a few months ago, boasting a new single. Mad Haven fluttered around, drawing back listeners from his former work (Loose Canon, Vol. 1 and free mixtape Blind World [available at]) as well as intriguing audiences with the feature of SPZRKT. The early morning of October 15 saw the movement’s numbers – the full-length album, Mad Haven, had climbed to number four on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap album charts. Canon found himself holding a spot amidst coveted trophy albums by Drake, Pusha T, and Jay-Z.

A quick listen through the album (fourteen tracks in all) brings a simple conclusion: Canon went hard. Opening the album is the title track, Mad Haven, bringing the listener in slowly. “I need something to believe in/Am I living this life without a reason?” – Canon begs a serious question right out the gate, going on to talk about how we hide things, some good and some bad. What, after all, is a mad haven? Canon goes on to describe it as a place of incredible rest, which can be anywhere. To shatter the idea that peace and rest must be in the quiet, Canon brings in Full Ride Music artist Thi’sl and Reach Records front man Lecrae on You Know How We Do It. The track features repetitive background synthesizing, a hard bass knock, and quick-fire lyrics. Canon slows down the flow on Different, leaving alone the hard-hitting bass. Subwoofers continue the workout on Lotto as the rhymes fly off the tongue and the subs knock in time. Canon readdresses his beliefs with Out of Tune, saying “The world think I’m all out of tune/Oh, no – don’t tune me out”. He then begs listeners to “take the road less traveled/use your heart as a candle” in The Road. Canon wraps up the album with a reminder to Christians, proclaiming loudly “I gotta murder myself/and I ain’t killing enough” as he addresses his inner thoughts and who he is on Mind Vomit. The bonus track, My City, brings back the party-ready beats and repetition, sealing the album in typical Canon style. The bass knocks, the lyrics are deep and catchy, and the flow is almost unrivaled, bringing speed rarely seen. Reflection Music Group has a solid album on their hand here.


Alex Larsen

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